BCL Browlash EX Eyebrow Coat 24小时眉毛持久定型液



  • A coating liquid that is made exclusively for your eyebrows.


  • This product help to prevent your eyebrows to disappear becuase of sweat, rub, excess oil, and water.


  • This eyebrow coating drys fast and does not leave any sticky texture or feeling to you.

    How to use:

  • Apply one stroke to your eyebrow and let it dry. 
  • BCL眉毛持久定型液让眉妆不易晕染掉落,在日本已大卖500万支。有效为眉毛定型,防止眉妆掉色及脱落,时刻保持靓丽有神采。- 呈透明状,效果自然,不会有绷紧或粘腻感。防水防油配方,能有效持久24小时。适用于水上或户外活动。


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