BCL Browlash Neo 24h Lash Up Mascara [2 Types]


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Mascara developed with focusing on Japanese eyelash troubles, with eyelashes pointing down, few, short. Keep up the curl firmly upward. From the base stretched out with a goose, delicate finish with beautiful gloss to the tip. Easy to use full catch brush adopted.
Brand: BCL
FormulaVolumizing, Curling
Color familyBlack

For downward or short and few eyelashes, BCL Browlash Neo Lash Up mascara helps your eyelashes to expand and curl for 24hrs. 


  • 2 kinds of fibers ( one that is used for sports wears and other 5mm long fiber) make your eyelashes curly and long/ more volume and curly.
  • The shape-memory wax is blended, which dries out quickly and keep the curl.
  • This mascara does not go blur but you can take it off easily with warm water.
  • 6 kinds of moisturizing beauty serums are blended; hyaluronan Na/collagen/seramideNP/panthenol/brown alga extract/hydrolytic silk
  • "Full Catch Brush" that avoids clumping of mascara.


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