BCL Cleansing Research Renew Moist Oil Cleansing 145ml


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Remove makeup without rubbing with oil.
Oil cleansing that removes old skin and dullness due to dryness.

○ Blends in your skin instantly and remove makeup without rubbing.
Water-proof makeup can be easily removed.
WNo need for face washing, even wet hands can be used.

Dullness care: Contains old skin and dullness care ingredients.
Gives the skin moisture and transparency.
Contains 3 oils and VC (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) * to help moist and soft skin.
Dullness care ingredients: Argan oil (Arganian spinosa kernel oil), Squalane, Jojoba seed oil * Ascorbyl tetrahexyl decanoate (Product antioxidant)

Keratin care & moisturizing care : Every time you wash your face, it gently removes old keratin and leads to bright and smooth skin. x
Moisturizing ingredients penetrate into the skin's stratum corneum and lead to moisturized and firm skin every time you wash.
Moisturizing ingredient: Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid

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