BCL MOMO PURI Milk Jelly Mask 4pcs 水蜜桃果冻保湿面膜


Leave skin feeling soft as a peach with this sheet mask mask formulated with a rich milky essence that penetrates the epidermis to deliver long-lasting moisture. For optimal results, apply face mask on cleansed and toned skin for three to five minutes. For skin that’s thoroughly dried, leave on for ten minutes.

Content: 4 pcs of sheet mask in box 

Skin that bounces with one sheet! Contains lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide! Plenty of milk jelly, moist and dense mask.
A face mask made of a fluffy cellulose sheet that contains plenty of dense milk jelly. Leads to moisturized skin while tightening the skin you care about.

● Special care for your skin with milk jelly formulation!
Thoroughly concentrated milk jelly fills your skin with plenty of moisture and leads to moist and soft skin.

● Fluffy cellulose sheet
Uses a thick cellulose sheet. It gently wraps your skin with a gentle touch and rich moisture.

● Easy-to-use individual packaging one by one
Easy to take out and easy to use.

To a healthy skin every day

● Lactic acid bacteria
Formulated with lactic acid bacteria "E-12 strain" that focuses on normal bacteria on the skin. It's as if you are applying “Lactic acid bacteria to apply” to give your skin an elasticity.

● Peach Ceramide
Contains peach ceramide, a moisturizing essence ingredient that is particular about domestic production. Skin care that moisturizes plenty.

● Pore tightening
Bergamot fruit extract
Vitamin C derivative / hyaluronic acid / vitamin A / E / peach leaf extract (all moisturizing ingredients)

● Slight peach fragrance

Lactic acid bacteria ... Enterococcus faecalis
Peach ceramide ... phytosteryl glucoside / glucosylceramide (all moisturized)



とろ~り濃密なミルクジュレがたっぷりの潤いでお肌を満たし、 しっとり柔らかな肌へ導きます。





国産にこだわった、保湿美容液成分桃セラミド*2 を配合。たっぷり潤うスキンケア。

ビタミンC誘導体/ヒアルロン酸/ビタミンA・E/モモ葉エキス 配合(全て保湿成分)


(*1) 乳酸菌…エンテロコッカスフェカリス
(*2) 桃セラミド…フィトステリルグルコシド/グルコシルセラミド(以上、全て保湿)

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