BCL MOMO PURI Milky Serum Mask 4pcs/box 日本BCL MOMO PURI乳酸菌白桃神经酰胺滋养面膜 4片/盒


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BCL MOMO PURI Milky Serum Mask

A Milky Serum Mask enriched with probiotics and peach ceramides for intense hydration. This silky sheet mask with peach ceramide made from Japanese peach and probiotics Lactobacillus strain EC-12 is especially suitable for dry skin.

Made from 90% natural ingredients, each thick cellulose sheet mask is saturated in a rich, concentrated milk gel to provide intense hydration and improves dullness. Its jelly formula adheres to the skin tightly and fills your skin with moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh and plum like a peach.

Peach ceramide boosts your skin's natural ceramide production, which helps it to retain moisture and guard itself against harmful environmental effects.


1. Before opening, knead the package gently to make the jelly spread to the sheet.

2. Take out the mask holding to onto the edges of the mask.

3. Place it on your face and stretch the sides of the mask to cover your whole face.

4. Leave for 3-5 minutes (up to 10 minutes if you have dry skin) then remove the mask. Gently pat the remaining jelly to the skin.


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