BCL Saborino Face Mask for night [ chamomile orange ] 28pc 日本BCL 奢华晚安乳液面膜 (洋甘橙)


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This one-step sheet mask with 5 functions which toner, serum, moisturizer, face cream and mask, making it ideal for nights when you’re overly tired for a lengthy routine.

Gentle fruit acid softens skin and helps clear away dead skin cells. It contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, and a botanical blend including German chamomile, lavender, and orange oil deeply replenish the skin with moisture. This mask is made with thick stretchable cotton sheet that stretches and conforms to fit different face sizes and can be easily pulled out without ripping or tearing.

Suggested Use:

Apply on face for  1 min and remove.


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