&be Founcealer Beige & Orange SPF20/PA++ 1pc 日本&be河北裕介天然有机双色多用修容提亮遮瑕膏盘 自然色系 1pc


Product Feature:

A concealer-like product with the stretch of a cream foundation and the coverage of a concealer. A smooth and shiny complexion is achieved by using orange to conceal dark circles and beige to conceal sensitive areas of the skin.

  • With a minimal quantity, accurately covers parts you want to hide.
  • Hide the dullness and make your expression bright.
  • Ingredients that condition the skin and give total care for dull skin.
  • 8 additive-free

How to Use:

Use this product after applying a make-up foundation or sunscreen to the skin. Apply orange to the dull area and beige to the T area, center of eyelid, center of cheek, nasolabial fold, and chin with a concealer brush. Gently stretch the product against the skin with a sponge or something similar to bring it into close contact with the skin. The key is to blur the boundaries between different areas.









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