BEAUTY BAR 24K Golden Pulse 24K提拉紧致按摩黄金棒

$96 $119.99
  • BEAUTY BAR 24K Golden Pulse (tightening massage stick). 6,000 vibrations per minute, moderately stimulate the expression of muscles, and achieve the effect of quickly and firming the skin, also reducing eye lines, striated lines, forehead lines and neck lines, face The contours are instantly reshaped and more youthful. With the beauty of 24K gold, it takes only 2-3 minutes per day to achieve firming.
  • 24K 提拉紧致按摩黄金棒. 每分钟微震动 6,000 次,适度刺激锻练表情肌肉,达至迅速紧緻提升肌肤的效果,同样减少眼纹、法令纹、额纹和颈纹,脸部轮廓即时重塑,更显年轻活力. 再加上 24K 纯金的美颜作用,每日只需 2 - 3 分钟,即可实现紧致美肌.
  • 搭配黄金棒面膜使用效果更佳
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