Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil 韩国Beauty of Joseon朝鲜美人 人参卸妆油 210ml


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Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil 

If skin waste and sebum are not washed thoroughly and allowed to accumulate in the pores, they can cause skin inflammation. The role of cleansing oil is to help remove waste from the skin through gently dissolving and emulsifying wastes.

Glycine Soja oil as a base,the lightest yet effective to remove skin dirt, sebum and makeup residue. This cleansing oil also contains ginseng seed oil that offers subtle grassy scent to present more calm and peaceful cleansing time.

Deep cleansing
Soybean oil is used as the base ingredient to gently dissolve dirt, waste, and makeup residues that accumulate on the skin.

Micellar cleansing technology
Micellar is a particle composed of water and oil. When it comes into contact with the skin, the oil molecules attract and absorb waste and makeup residues like a magnet, while supplying moisture deep inside the skin.

Key ingredients

Soybean oil 50%
This is a skin-friendly oil extracted from Glycine Soja consisting of oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid. It gently dissolves wastes without clogging the skin pores and, at the same time, acts as a conditioning agent to smooth the skin.

Ginseng seed oil 0.1%
Ginseng seed oil helps to protect the skin from external stimuli. In addition, its unique healthy and cozy grass scent helps you enjoy cleansing more comfortably.



Fragrance & Essential Oil-Free

How to Use

After pumping cleansing oil 1-2 times, gently massage onto a dry face.
Then gently rinse with lukewarm water and cleanse with a foam cleanser once again.

*Made in Korea

韩国Beauty of Joseon朝鲜美人 人参卸妆油

如果皮肤污垢和皮脂没有彻底清洗干净,任其积聚在毛孔中,就会引起皮肤炎症。 卸妆油的作用是通过温和溶解和乳化废物,帮助去除皮肤上的污垢

选择 Glycine Soja 油作为基础油,因为发现它是最轻盈但最有效的去除皮肤污垢、皮脂和化妆品残留物的油。 这款卸妆油还含有人参籽油,散发淡淡的青草香气,呈现更加平静祥和的洁面时光。


胶束是由水和油组成的颗粒。 当它与皮肤接触时,油分子会像磁铁一样吸引和吸收废物和化妆品残留物,同时为皮肤深层提供水分。


豆油 50%
这是一种从大豆中提取的亲肤油,含有油酸、亚油酸和亚麻酸。 它温和地溶解废物而不堵塞皮肤毛孔,同时作为调理剂使皮肤光滑。

人参籽油 0.1%
人参籽油有助于保护皮肤免受外界刺激。 此外,其独特的健康舒适草香让您更舒适地享受清洁。





抽取卸妆油 1-2 次后,轻轻按摩至干爽的面部。



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