BEAUTY PEOPLE Absolute Honey Girl Royal Cushion Foundation 18g (#21 Honey Beige) 韩国 Beauty People 蜂蜜女气垫粉底BB (#21 蜂蜜米色) 18g


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BEAUTY PEOPLE Absolute Honey Girl Royal Cushion Foundation 
200% UP of 3 premium honey ingredients compared to the previous Honey Girl!
Locks in moisture in the skin without drying out Honeyglow skin that comes alive the more you tap on honey
2 Manuka Honey
An ingredient called 'liquid gold' because it is rich in strong antibacterial ingredients
20 Royal Jelly
It contains high-quality protein and various nutrients, which is the secret to the queen bee's longevity.
Green Propolis 2
A mysterious ingredient that bees with strong vitality make to protect themselves
Contains 64.02% Royal Essence

Enriched with 70 kinds of natural-derived ingredients, moist royal essence like dripping honey! Moisturizing iron wall that can withstand the cold and cold wind
  • Filling honey light without any time to dry
  • A pink base that is brighter and more vibrant than the skin
  • Bright, honey-glow skin with excellent moisturizing power!
  • Anti-Winkle
  • SPF50+ PA+++
    How to Use 
    Get appropriate amount on puff and gently pat onto face following skin texture.

    *Made in Korea

    韩国 Beauty People 蜂蜜女气垫粉底BB



    20 蜂王浆

    绿蜂胶 2

    含有 64.02% 的皇家精华

    蕴含70种天然萃取成分,如滴蜜般滋润皇家精华! 经得起寒风凛冽的滋润铁壁
    • 填充蜂蜜光,无需任何时间干燥
    • 比皮肤更明亮、更有活力的粉红色底色
    • 亮丽的蜜光肌肤,保湿力极佳!
    • 抗皱纹
    • SPF50+ PA+++


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