Beauty People Holic Fixing Glitter [3 Types]


Bring the sparkle back into your life with Beauty People Holic Fixing Glitter! With its moisturizing formulation, say BYE to powder fall out! This water-based liquid eyeshadow glitter has incredible adhesive power making it long-lasting as well! Even with sweat, oil, and sebum, the glitter eyeshadow will stay on just as vibrant and gorgeous as when you applied it.

With the easy to use tip applicator, create the look you want easily and comfortably! Comes in 3 colors:

  1. Holic Beige - Soft yellow base tone with silver diamond pearl glitters
  2. Holic Coral - Soft coral base tone with pink nude pearl glitters
  3. Holic Bronze - Soft brown, bronze tone with rose diamond pearl glitters

    How to use

    To use as an eyeshadow, draw on your eyelids on desired areas. Then use the flat brush or your fingertips to blend in the product for a natural finish!


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