Beyond Deep Moisture Shower Cream / Beyond深层保湿沐浴露


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  • Creamy body cleanser gently cleans skin without stripping it of protective surface oils.

  • The coconut oil derived natural cleansing agent lathers into fine bubbles that helps to completely remove impurities without irritation.

  • Rich in nurturing ingredients, this formula cleanses, moisturizes, and maintains skin's moisture balance for a delightful bathing experience.

  • 1.清洁 - 柔和的植物性清洁成份,泡沫丰富,清除身体残留物。

  • 2.保湿 - 橄榄油,燕麦提取物及新西兰蜂蜜保持皮肤湿润。

  • 3.油脂平衡 - 乳液润滑成份调节油脂平衡,保持肌肤水润。


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