BIO HEAL BOH Cooling Massager 韩国BIO HEAL BOH 冷卻按摩导入仪


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BIO HEAL BOH Cooling Massager
  • Calming Cool Home Care Massager Cooling Stick Pores.
  • Place this ice-cold massager in the refrigerator or freezer for over an hour.
  • You can use this cooling massager on your face before applying makeup.
  • Simply eliminate edema, mainly targeting loose skin with enlarged pores. It can also massage smile lines and splay lines.
  • It can also be used as an essence introduction stick to help the essence on the face be absorbed and penetrated faster.
  • Soothes skin tired from heat, massages to cool down hot arms and legs, detoxifies, eliminates facial puffiness, and prevents skin aging.
How to Use
  • Apply some gel to your face and rub it in smoothly with this cooling massager.
  • After use, just wash or clean with a wet wipe.

韩国BIO HEAL BOH 冷卻按摩导入仪

  • 镇静冰凉居家护理按摩器冰凉棒毛孔。
  • 将此冰冷按摩器放入冰箱或冰柜中一个多小时。
  • 您可以在化妆前使用这款清凉按摩器按压脸部。
  • 简单消除水肿,主要针对毛孔粗大的松弛皮肤,也可以按摩笑纹和八字纹。
  • 也可以作为精华导入棒使用,帮助脸上的精华更快的吸收和渗透。
  • 舒缓因热而疲倦的皮肤,按摩使热胳膊和腿降温,具有排毒消除面部浮肿,防止皮肤老化的功效。


  • 将一些凝胶涂在脸上,然后用这款冰凉按摩器顺滑地揉搓。
  • 使用后,只需清洗或用湿纸巾清洁即可。

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