BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Massager 韩国BIO HEAL BOH 益生菌提拉按摩器


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BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Massager
  • PROFESSIONAL MESSAGE EXPERIENCE: Teat your face with the calming effect of facial massage right at your home. Probioderm Lifting Massager comes with the bulbed head to massage neck, around eyes and jaws with ease. The circular massage works evenly on pressure points for better face lifting.
  • CRAFTED FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS: Unlike most derma rollers, our skin roller comes with a bulbed head with a tapering middle that flares at the bottom. This works as a skin pen on acupressure points and helps with skin firming and lifting
  • ENHANCES SKIN APPEARANCE: The main purpose of our massager is to keep the face relaxed and enhance skin appearance. It helps to reduce the fine line around the eyes, jaws, and forehead wrinkles, sagginess and dullness
  • HELPS WITH SKIN PUFFINESS: Skin Lifting machines with rotational massage therapy helps to penetrate waves and skin care products deep into the skin and encourage the functions of the cells. It works instantly on decreasing skin puffiness and maintains skin tone & texture.
  • VERSATILE FACIAL TOOL: Probioderm facial roller massager gives you a perfect spa treatment at home. It is completely painless and can be used for facial creams, it works well on the face, neck, under-eye, and hands. Easy to carry and simple to use.

How to Apply

Every morning and evening, after using the lifting ampoule, take an appropriate amount of the contents, spread it gently along the skin texture, and gently wrap the skin for absorption.

韩国BIO HEAL BOH 益生菌提拉按摩器
  • 专业体验:在家中即可通过面部按摩的镇静效果来抚摸您的脸部。 益生菌提升按摩器配有球形头部,可轻松按摩颈部、眼睛周围和下巴。 圆形按摩均匀地作用于压力点,以实现更好的面部提拉效果。
  • 专为获得最大效果而精心设计:与大多数真皮滚轮不同,我们的皮肤滚轮配有球形头部,中间呈锥形,底部呈喇叭形。 这可用作指压点上的皮肤笔,有助于紧致和提升皮肤
  • 增强皮肤外观:我们的按摩器的主要目的是保持面部放松并增强皮肤外观。 有助于减少眼部、下巴和额头周围的细纹、下垂和暗沉
  • 帮助缓解皮肤浮肿:带有旋转按摩疗法的皮肤提拉机有助于将波浪和护肤产品渗透到皮肤深处,并促进细胞的功能。 它可以立即减少皮肤浮肿并保持肤色和纹理。
  • 多功能面部工具:益生菌面部滚轮按摩器为您在家中提供完美的水疗护理。 它完全无痛,可用于面霜,对面部、颈部、眼部和手部效果很好。 携带方便,使用简单。


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