BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting T3 Collagen Gel Mask 5pcs/box 韩国BIO HEAL BOH 益生菌胶原再生紧致面膜 5片/盒


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BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting T3 Collagen Gel Mask

Among the 28 different types of collagen, T3 (type 3) is the most lost collagen type from our skin as we age so it's time to pump our skin with the nourishing T3 mask sheets!

Each gel mask contains 30g of entire ampoule bottle and since the sheet is made by gel the mask sticks around your face curves, helping our skin to absorb more of the goodness! 

How to Apply

1. Pull on the "easy peel' sign on the right corner of the package. The hyrogel mask has a transparent film on one side so remember to peel of the film first!

2. Stick the side with no pattern on your face and adjust the gel mask according your face.

3. Let the mask stay on your face for 20 to 30 mins before removing.

4. Gently pat any remaining ampoule on your face. 

You can have a glassy morning skin if you put on the mask before you go to bed!

韩国BIO HEAL BOH 益生菌胶原再生紧致面膜
  • 83.1% 高浓度第3型胶原蛋白:最高浓度「仿婴儿胶原」,经模仿生物技术及发酵技术制成;临床实证,有效增加面部弹性(前额、眼周、脸颊、下颚),修复老化细胞,显着改善肌肤的密度及紧致度
  • 乳酸菌发酵物:促进肌肤弹性及维持健康肌肤
  • 18种胜肽:重塑肌肤轮廓,预防松弛及皱纹
  • 山茶花萃取、乳木果:高效抗氧化,加强肌肤的防御力
  • 亲水性凝胶质地:贴肤零刺激


83.1% 高浓度第3型胶原蛋白、乳酸菌发酵物、18种胜肽、山茶花萃取、乳木果、亲水性凝胶质地

洁面后,取出面膜敷于面部,轻按至紧贴肌肤,静待20-30 分钟后取下面膜,轻轻按摩至精华完全吸收,无需清洗


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