BLC AHA Cleansing Oil 145ml


This hybrid oil marries AHA with plant derived mineral oil to dissolve oil-based makeup, sebum and impurities, while gently exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Contains moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients such as olive squalene, trehalose and apple juice.


Key ingredientAlpha Hydroxy Acid, Citric Acid
FeatureMoisturizing, Exfoliating, Alcohol‑free
Size5 oz

  • It is oil cleansing which can cleanly remove makeup and sebum dirt well, even with wet hands.
  • Tempered texture firmly removes dirt from the mascara to the back of the pores.
  • In addition, the moisturizing ingredients smoothly cleans up the skin.
  • Old surface skin & pore clogging care with fruit acid formulation.
  • Use unpigmented mineral oil (plant derived oil) which is strong against oxidation and has high nature to embrace water.
  • Skin soap.
  • It smoothly cleanses the skin and improves the renewal feel of the skin.

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