Bosley Professional Strength Hair Color Treatment (Dark Brown) 日本Bosley 专业力量染发剂 (深棕色)


Bosley Professional Strength Hair Color Treatment 

Additive-free hair dye for easy and long lasting coloring. Gradually make gray hair less noticeable along the way when using the product. 

  • Dark Brown
  • Floral herbal scent
  • Use once a week
  • Brightening Black Hair Moisturizer + Black Reverse Formula + No Additives

How to Use

(1) After shampooing, drain and apply treatment to entire hair: apply liberally to areas you are concerned about with gray hair.
(By using gloves and a comb, you can color your hands and nails without worrying about dirt, and it will stain evenly and efficiently.)

(2) Set aside for about 10 to 15 minutes: the time for firm staining This is a guideline. *Do not exceed 20 minutes.

(3) Thoroughly rinse and dry thoroughly: rinse until colorless water flows out.
Afterwards, wet your hair with a potentially soiled towel and blow dry thoroughly with a blow dryer.

*Made in Japan

日本Bosley 专业力量染发剂


  • 深棕色
  • 花草香味
  • 一周一次就可以
  • 亮黑色头发保湿霜+黑色逆向配方 + 无添加剂


(1) 洗发后,沥干水分并涂抹于整个头发:大量涂抹于您担心白发的区域。


(3) 充分冲洗并彻底干燥:冲洗至无色水流出。



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