BOTANICA Home Fusion of Old & New Dispenser (Orange) 日本BOTANICA 时尚干燥花按压空瓶 (柳橙橘) 350ml


BOTANICA Home Fusion of Old & New Dispenser

A gorgeous soap dispenser like herbarium that encloses colorfully dyed natural dried flowers. The design concept emphasizes the concept of home life art fragrance and dried flowers, making fragrance not only an olfactory product, but also a visual product.
It is recommended to use not only hand soap but also dishwashing detergent in the kitchen.

Size: H190×W53×D84mm

  • The product may be damaged if dropped or given a strong impact.
  • Do not place near fire or in places with high temperatures.
  • Since natural dried flowers and fruits are used, please avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not use liquids that contain a lot of highly acidic or alkaline chemicals or alcohol.
  • Do not fill the container with liquid as it may cause liquid leakage. (Approximately: up to about 80%)
  •  If the pump cannot be pressed, soak it in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes, and then suck up the lukewarm water.

日本BOTANICA 时尚干燥花按压空瓶



材质: 瓶身是压克力这放在浴室或厨房绝对有加分的效果

  • 如果跌落或受到强烈撞击,产品可能会损坏。
  • 请勿靠近火源或高温场所。
  • 由于使用天然干花和水果,请避免阳光直射。
  • 请勿使用含有大量强酸性或碱性化学品或酒精的液体。
  • 请勿将液体装满容器,否则可能会导致液体泄漏。 (大约:高达约 80%)
  • 如果无法按压泵,请将其浸泡在温水中约 10 分钟,然后将温水吸干。

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