BOTANICA Wood Mist Home Fragrance Gel Light (Red Berry) 日本BOTANICA 迷雾森林系列凝胶香氛灯 (樱红浆果) 60g


BOTANICA Wood Mist Home Fragrance Gel Light

Popular aroma diffuser fragrance! The luxurious and calm design with flowers and the beautiful and natural scent create an elegant and healing space. It is also recommended as a gift. 

Fragrance last up to 2 months

Approximately Φ5 × H6.5cm

Height including lid (cork stopper) Approximately 7.5cm

Package size Approximately W5.3 × D5.3 × H9cm

  • When using the LED light, use two coin-type lithium batteries CR2032. The attached battery is for lighting test.
  • Please use the cork stopper to prevent dust when not in use.
  • The color of the dried flower solvent may change due to direct sunlight and fragrance, but it does not affect the scent.


日本BOTANICA 迷雾森林系列凝胶香氛灯

捕捉了大自然之美,将它们放到了凝胶中定格,让它呈现在您的房间里, 使用安全,因为它不使用火,可以放心使用, 奢华沉稳的花朵/贝壳设计和美丽自然的香气营造出优雅治愈的空间。

留香期:最长2 个月(根据使用环境可能会有误差)

尺寸:约Φ5 x H6.5 cm 高度

包括盖子(软木塞)─ 约7.5 cm

包装尺寸─ 约W5.3 x D5.3 x H9 cm

  • 使用LED 灯时,请使用两个硬币型锂电池CR2032,内有附带电池
  • 不使用时请使用软木塞防止灰尘
  • 干花的颜色可能会因阳光/灯光照射而改变,但不影响香味

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