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BOTANIST Botanical Body Milk Deep Moist (Raspberry & Muguet) 植物学家 超保湿身体乳 深层滋润型 (覆盆子和铃兰) 240ml


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BOTANIST Botanical Body Milk Deep Moist (Raspberry & Muguet)

BOTANIST "Body Cream", a brand with carefully selected plant ingredients, has a new model!
As autumn approaches, your skin is prone to dryness, so you should start preparing for autumn moisturizing now! This is how "Plant-Based Body Cream Deep Moisturizing" was born.
It maintains the characteristics of the body cream series such as easy spread and pleasant fragrance, while making the skin more moisturized.
The packaging of other products in the "Body Cream" series has also been changed to bioplastic.


POINT 01 contains the most 31 kinds of moisturizing ingredients in the series

The formula contains 31 plant-based moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. In particular, the dense moisturizing ingredient "Sweet Almond Butter" is of higher quality than any other type of almond, and it can prevent moisture from evaporating and provide efficient moisturizing ability. The top-notch deep moisturizing ingredients in the body cream series help you care for dry skin.

POINT 02 Elegant and rich dual aroma of raspberry and lily of the valley

Sweet and sour raspberries are combined with fresh and delicate lily of the valley to deliver ultra-deep moisturizing. The two scents are blended to create a deeper aroma, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious post-bath moment.

POINT 03 is gentle on skin and can be used by the whole family

Added vegetable oil ingredients and moisturizing ingredients. The texture is non-sticky and easy to apply evenly, but it has high moisturizing ability, keeping skin elastic and moisturized.

No synthetic colorants/no mineral oil/no alcohol"

植物学家 超保湿身体乳 深层滋润型 (覆盆子和铃兰)

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