BOTANIST Botanical Body Soap Clear Cleanse (Cassis & Leaf Green) 植物学家 植物性洁净保湿沐浴露 (黑醋栗&绿叶) 490ml


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BOTANIST Botanical Body Soap Clear Cleanse (Cassis & Leaf Green)

"With botanical blessings, skin texture improves with every wash"

Dullness is closed and sheer smoothes the skin.

  • People who worry about dullness
  • Those looking for clean skin
  • Those who want smooth skin

No additives
[Synthetic Color Free] [Paraben Free] [Sulfate Free] [Alcohol Free]
[Gentle cleansing with rich foam] Contains plant-derived cleansing ingredients packs
in mild foam
[Rich moisturizing ingredients] Contains plant-based buttermilk
, can keep the skin clean and moisturize the skin
[Strictly selected botanical ingredients] 5 kinds of fruit extracts mixed
Transparency Creates smooth skin
[Double Fragrance] Pure and clear aroma of black currant and leaf green

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount (approximately pressing 2~3 times) on the foaming net or bath sponge, clean the body after sufficient foaming, and then wash off with warm water.

*Made in Japan

植物学家 植物性洁净保湿沐浴露 (黑醋栗&绿叶)


暗沉关闭且透明 使肌肤光滑。

  • 担心暗沉的人士
  • 追求洁净肌肤的人士
  • 想要光滑肌肤的人士

[不含合成色素] [不含对羟基苯甲酸酯] [不含硫酸盐*1] [不含酒精]
[用丰富的泡沫轻柔洗净] 含有植物来源的清洁成分*5 包裹
[丰富的保湿成分] 含有植物性酪乳*6
[严选植物成分] 5种水果提取物*7 混合
透明感*3 打造光滑肌肤
[双香] 纯净清澈的黑醋栗和叶绿的香味






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