Botanist 植物学家

BOTANIST Botanical Moist Foaming Body Soap (Sakura & Mimosa) 植物学家 植物性保湿沐浴慕斯 (樱花&含羞草) 450ml


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BOTANIST Botanical Moist Foaming Body Soap (Sakura & Mimosa)

Spring only. Wash with cherry-scented foam for moisturized bare skin

  • Contains Someiyoshino fermented extract, which is made by fermenting Someiyoshino leaves grown in Nagano or Ibaraki prefectures with koji, which is produced when pruning the branches of roadside trees.
  • Contains ingredients Mimosa Extract and Spring Barrier Complex that care for skin that has suffered damage unique to spring.
  • The lovely and gorgeous spring scent of cherry blossoms and mimosa
  • Dense foam that washes without rubbing and is gentle on the skin. Plant-derived cleaning ingredients

How to Use
After lathering the body soap thoroughly, wash your body. Gently wash your body by spreading the fluffy foam with your hands. Some people may be worried because they feel like the dirt won't come off unless they scrub it hard, but excessive friction can cause strong irritation to the skin.

*Made in Japan

植物学家 植物性保湿沐浴慕斯 (樱花&含羞草)

仅限春季。 用樱桃香泡沫清洗,滋润裸露肌肤

  • 含有染井吉野发酵提取物,该提取物是通过将长野县或茨城县种植的染井吉野叶与修剪路边树木树枝时产生的曲发酵而制成的。
  • 含有含羞草提取物和春季屏障复合精华成分,呵护因春季特有的受损肌肤。
  • 樱花和含羞草的可爱而华丽的春天香气
  • 泡沫丰富,无需摩擦即可洗净,温和呵护肌肤。 植物源清洁成分

将沐浴露充分打出泡沫后,清洗身体。 用手涂抹蓬松的泡沫,轻轻地清洗身体。 有些人可能会担心,因为他们觉得除非用力擦洗,污垢就不会脱落,但过度摩擦会对皮肤造成强烈刺激。



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