Botanist 植物学家

BOTANIST Botanical Smooth Treatment (Sakura & Mimosa) 植物学家 植物性顺滑护理护发素 (樱花&含羞草) 460ml


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BOTANIST Botanical Smooth Treatment  (Sakura & Mimosa)

The lovely and gorgeous scent of cherry blossoms and mimosa that colors spring.
Contains cherry extract that leads to shiny hair and skin. Treats dry damage and gives shine to hair and skin. 

How to Use
After washing your hair, lightly drain the water and apply an appropriate amount to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Afterwards, rinse until it remains smooth. Applying from the roots of your hair can cause stickiness, so be sure to focus on the ends of your hair.

*Made in Japan

植物学家 植物性顺滑护理护发素 (樱花&含羞草)

樱花和含羞草的可爱而华丽的香味为春天增添色彩。含有樱桃提取物,使头发和皮肤闪亮。 治疗干燥损伤,赋予头发和皮肤光泽。

洗完头发后,轻轻沥干水分,取适量涂抹在头发的中段和发尾。 然后冲洗直至保持光滑。 从发根涂抹可能会导致发粘,因此请务必重点涂抹发尾。



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