Cow 牛乳石碱

Cow Bouncia Floral Body Soap日本COW Bouncia牛乳石碱沐浴露 花香味 550ml 浓密细腻泡沫保湿沐浴露

  • A high-moisturizing body wash that moisturizes the skin with a thick foam. The sleek stretch foam does not burden the skin, leaving it smooth .
  • Added skin ingredients hyaluronic acid, collagen, milk Butter (milk).
  • Add a plant extract moisturizing ingredient dipotassium glycyrrhizinate to gently care for dry skin.
  • It radiates a bouquet of roses, peony, jasmine, gardenia and other bouquets.
  • How to use:
  • Apply soap onto a wet body sponge,lather then rinse.
  • 以浓密泡沫守护肌肤滋润的高保湿沐浴乳。绵密弹力泡沫不对肌肤造成负担,洗出水润光滑肌肤。添加了美肌成分玻尿酸、胶原蛋白、牛奶Butter(乳脂)。添加植物萃取保湿成分甘草酸二鉀,温和呵护干燥肌肤。散发以玫瑰、牡丹、茉莉、栀子花等花束为基调调和而成的放松心灵花香。offer detail imageoffer detail image

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