Bruno Warmer Animal Eye Pillow Rabbit 可爱动物造型 温感发热眼罩 兔子款

  • It is an eye pillow that warms your eyes and works 
  • If heated in a microwave oven, gentle warmth and moderate weight of ceramic beads will wrap up your tired eyes.
  • It is recommended for petit gifts 
  • Body size (approx.) Width 195 x Depth 20 x Height 105mm
  • Weight (approx.) 150g
  • Material: Polyester, cotton, ceramic, silica gel
How to use: 
  • Please warm in the microwave.
  • The warming time is approximately 60 seconds for 500W and approximately 50 seconds for 600W. The standard for repeated use is 150 times.

Image result for 4514499141305BRUNO/セラミックウォーマー アニマルアイピーロー(ウサギ)BRUNO/セラミックウォーマー アニマルアイピーロー(ウサギ)



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