BS by BELLASOO Gilin Neckfting Cream 45G 全能提拉紧致弹力颈霜


BS by BELLASOO Gilin Necklifting Cream (45g/1.58fl.oz)

- Wrinkle lifting and whitening double functional cosmetics.
- Contains Natural Acacia peptide
- BL-fill up, has natural botox effect that closely fills the wrinkles in the skin and helps to provide elasticity.
- The soft texture, high-nutrition ingredients are absorbed into the skin and are neatly finished without being sticky. 


The roller device absorbs the cream while allowing rolling massages, making neck care easy.
Surgical steel of the same material of medical instruments used for scalpels, needles, non-allergy accessories and so on.
Safe material, ergonomic design, can be used without stimulation.
Belasu eliminates harmful ingredients and considers the skin's natural health.
Excluded harmful components - Artificial coloring matters, fragrance, mineral oil, silicone oil, talc, ammonia, sulfate, Surfactants (ALES, SLES, ALS, SLS).

How To Use

1. When the cream comes out by pressing the tube, gently massage it with a roller.
2. When using for the first time, press the tube with both hands until the cream comes out.
3. While pressing the white button on both sides of the roller, wash it in running water.
4. Pressing both white buttons will prevent water from entering the tube.

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