BULLSONE Pola Family Car Perfume Vent Clip (Cool Herb) 勁牛王 趣味动物造型通風口香水夾 (清凉草本)


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BULLSONE Pola Family Car Perfume Vent Clip 4.3 ml (0.15oz) +1 Extra

  • Neutratech: Special blend with antibacterial essential oil deodorizes bad smells & provides soothing scent inside your vehicle.
  • Contains the membrane with Natural Essential Oil that releases relaxing and refreshing scent.
  • Refillable. Provided one extra membrane.
  • Lasts 90 days (One membrane for 45 days).
  • Ideal to use as a small interior accessory in your car.
  • Family oriented design.

*Made in Korea


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