CALYPSO Feather Mascara- Volume Lash 日本CALYPSO 羽毛轻盈美容液卷翘睫毛膏 (浓密型) 9g


Waterproof- 11 Kinds of Beauty Essence Contained 


  • As light as a wing, it is both length and volume!
  • Delicate fibers entangle with the eyelashes, creating a sense of volume and length. For long lashes like wings.
  • A smooth mascara solution coats each eyelash smoothly to create separate eyelashes that curl up and do not lumps. Even if they are layered, they are beautifully finished.
  • Adopts a tapered conical brush that narrows toward the tip, catching short and thin hairs that are difficult to paint.
  • With 11 kinds of serum ingredients, you can care for your eyelashes while making up.
  • With a water resistance formula that resists sweat, tears and sebum and does not stain over time, it keeps a beautiful finish for a long time.
  • Cleansing fee is not required because it falls in hot water. We are also proud of the gentleness that reduces the burden of eyelashes.

Volume Lash

  • Intensifies for a striking eye look.
  • Get long-lasting curled lashes.
  • Light and fluffy as feathers.

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