Carmate SAI GEL BOTANICAL G1632 Car Fragrance 60ml [3 Types] 快美特 天然香水消臭芳香劑


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Gentle fragrance of plant-derived natural fragrance.

The Sai Botanical Series is a botanical fragrance for cars that gently smells plant-derived natural fragrances. Because this product uses solid gel, it has good fragrance and does not have to worry about spilling. 

This product contains a deodorant. Smells gently while deodorizing unpleasant scents. This product comes with an adhesive tape to be placed on the dashboard. You can also put this product in a drink holder to casually scent the inside of the car.

  • Solid gel type air freshener
  • Shape: Solid type
  • Aroma: Mugue & Grapefruit / Raspberry & Jasmine 
  • Contents: 60ml
  • Exterior size (HxWxD): 70x70x70mm
  • Weight: 170g

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