Signalift Jelly Wash 日本Signalift 果冻洁面乳 180g


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Signalift Jelly Wash

Skin care every time you wash.
A skin-friendly facial cleansing gel made from "99.3% beauty ingredients" for adult skin.There are many sebum stains on the face that cannot be removed with water alone.In addition, they can cause aging such as dullness, age spots and wrinkles, as well as acne and open pores. In other words, washing your face in the morning is a very important care.

It can be done because it is a "jelly wash" made from almost beauty ingredients produced by the Regenerative Medicine Center.Super moisturizing skin care with a new concept! Why don't you start "Morning pack face wash"?

A moisturizing type derived from natural olive oil, which has a high moisturizing effect and is also used as a skin care ingredient for beauty essences and "Celclear Complex (TM) * 1", an ingredient originally developed by Signalift that weakens the adhesion of old keratin and supports the skin cycle. A luxurious blend of soap ingredients (olive oil PEG-7 carboxylate Na). After washing, the moisturized jelly protects the skin's moisture and leads to clear skin.


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