Cellulence UV Cut Gel Free 90g


Not just the UV cut effect! Contains abundant beauty moisturizing ingredients!

  • Proprietary ingredient "fermentation aging placenta" that amino acid amount and antioxidant power improved by fermenting aging
  • Popular moisturizing ingredients "raw collagen" & "three kinds of hyaluronic acid" & "proteoglycan"
  • Beauty moisturizer such as “Natural Ceramide” & “Squalane”, skin whitening ingredient “Arbutin”
  • Depending on the ingredients, it leads to a skin that is moisturized as you use it.

The UV cut of the “fresh gel type” that keeps you moist! !

"UV cut gel" that eliminates sunscreen discomfort (dryness, creaking, stickiness, whitening).
Since it is fresh and stretches well, it can be used not only on the face but also on the whole body.
No special cleansing and skin-friendly additive-free formula (no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, paraben free, alcohol free)!


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