CEZANNE UV Clear Face Powder P1 Lavender SPF28/PA+++ 1pc 倩丽保湿防晒粉饼 薰衣草紫 1pc


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Product Feature:

Light, silky powder that does not thicken and leaves skin looking bright and clear without being drab. Formula that isn't chemical (no UV absorber used). Skin issues are eliminated with the use of clear veil powder and dullness correction powder. Anti-shiny powder controls sebum production and provides a matte appearance to the skin. There are 12 different types of beauty essence elements in this product.

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount on the puff and lightly press it to apply the powder to your skin.
Please use the puff in a clean condition.
Do not throw away the built-in transparent film, but put the puff on it.



无化学成分添加的滋养配方, 含有天然维他命C,卡姆果精粹提取物,库拉索芦荟叶提取物,维生素E,角鲨烷,神经酰胺3,水解胶原等美肤成分,修饰毛孔瑕疵的同时温和养肤。萤闪珠光妆感,粉质细腻不卡粉。





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