Chacott For Professionals Cleansing Water 500ml 日本CHACOTT 温和保湿卸妆水


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CHICACOTT Cleansing Water (For sensitive skin) contains Ultra Micro 0.1 Nano Meter "RO water" made by water filtration system developed by NASA. It can remove heavy stage makeup thoroughly and easily but gentle to the eyelashes and skin. Quick skin care is ideal for busy people. CAN BE USED AS A SKIN CARE LOTION AS WELL.

Hypoallergenic Cleanser

  • Oil free, fragrance free, colorant-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free
  • Gentle to the eyelashes 
  • Remove easily with Cotton Patting Puff
  • No rinsing or additional moisturizer necessary 
  • Contains the same kinds of natural moisturizing factors as skin care lotion of beauty essence
  • Cleansing Water is gentle enough to be used to remove your eye-makeup from eyelash extensions. 100% oil free and will not damage eyelash extensions


  • Take a sufficient amount on a cotton puff, and gently wipe off your makeup. 
  • No need to rinse it off.

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