Chacott For Professionals Cleansing Water (Wipe-Off Type) 日本CHACOTT 温和保湿卸妆水 500ml


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Chacott For Professionals Cleansing Water (Wipe-Off Type) 

An all-in-one type wipe cleansing that does not require face washing and lotion. With a pump that is easy to use even with a large capacity. Weakly acidic, free of oils, parabens, fragrances and synthetic pigments and gentle on the eyes and skin. You can easily turn off eye makeup that does not damage your eyelashes and is hard to remove. 

Hypoallergenic Cleanser

  • Oil free, fragrance free, colorant-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free
  • Gentle to the eyelashes 
  • Remove easily with Cotton Patting Puff
  • No rinsing or additional moisturizer necessary 
  • Contains the same kinds of natural moisturizing factors as skin care lotion of beauty essence
  • Cleansing Water is gentle enough to be used to remove your eye-makeup from eyelash extensions. 100% oil free and will not damage eyelash extensions


  • Take plenty of cotton and gently wipe off the base makeup.
  • For point makeup such as eye makeup, gently apply and wipe off.

*Made in Japan

日本CHACOTT 温和保湿卸妆水

  • 卸妆x清洁x化妆水3合1,给忙录的美人方便可靠的卸妆保养步骤
  • 添加与精华液同等级的保湿成份,能在卸妆清洁时同时补充肌肤水分
  • 使用无添加、低刺激性成份,温和的不流泪、不刺激配方,特别推荐给易敏感型肌肤
  • 无添加、无油、无香料、无色素、无苯甲酸酯类防腐剂、无酒精
  • 含洋甘菊、茵陈蒿花、迷迭香精华
  • 本产品研发过程无动物性实验
  • 便利压头设计







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