Mapepe Wood Comb 日本Mapepe 防打结木发梳


Mapepe Wood Comb

A comb that smooth the hair。
● The comb has coarse teeth that can be easily inserted into tangled hair, so it can be easily inserted into hair that tends to be damaged and entangled. Easy to scoop hair and smooth hair.
Rounded tip that feels good on the skin The tip of the comb teeth is rounded, so it feels good on the skin and is gentle on the scalp.
● Wide handle for firm grip The wide handle that fits your hand makes it easy to hold and comb.

How to Use
● Be sure to use it on dry hair. Comb from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair.
● Recommended usage: For daily combing, as a styling product, and for removing tangled hair before washing.

日本Mapepe 防打结木发梳

●梳子的牙齿较粗,很容易插入到缠结的头发中,因此很容易插入到容易损坏和缠结的头发中。 容易梳理头发,使头发光滑。

●确保在干发上使用它。 从发根到发梢梳理。


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