CHARLEY Paper Soap Lemon 50pcs 日本CHARLEY 肥皂纸香皂(柠檬味)


Charley Paper Soap (50pcs/pack) - Lemon (Yellow)

These adorably packaged pocket-sized cases of paper soap are ideal for washing your hands on the go, so pack one along for your next road trip or adventure in the wild. 50 pieces of paper soaps in a case. It's convenient to carry a paper soap and wash your hands in outdoor.

Paper Soap is portable and easy to use anywhere you go. It can be used for hand/body soap and laundry during a trip. 


- Handy washing on the go.
- Excellent partner of outdoor activities
- Paper soap with refreshing fragrance
- Not only for hand, also perfect for face and body

  • With a dry hand, take a paper soap out from the package. 
  • Add water to work on lather
  • [For laundry] Dissolve a paper soap with warm water and use it as laundry detergent. Paper soap will be dissolved completely. 

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