Cheryl Pearblanc Whitening Rich Cream 50g 阿古屋 珍珠美白高保湿素颜霜 极光版


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  • Whitening care cream, firm the skin as soon as it goes to bed.
  • Smooth skin surface, natural gloss and beautiful whiteness for the skin.
  • No additives, no thickening of the cream layer on the skin, moisturize the skin 24 hours.
  • We support white skin with glacial Apls water, raw collagen with lamellar structure, containing 7 new ingredients, including 3 peptides, Vitamin C derivatives, placenta extract + 21 kinds of extract ingredients from plants.
  • A brand new whitening cream that can be used on the entire body, not just for skin care or makeup.
  • Excellent Rich Cream Scent of Royal Fragrance. 

5 skin care functions:

  • Whiten skin
  • Moisturizing skin
  • Blur dull skin, melasma
  • Makeup foundation
  • CC cream

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