Pure Smile

Choosy Pure Smile Lip Pack 珍珠光两用水润美唇膜 5款

  • Hydrogel film material, super soaked, super service stickers! One-time simple lip moisturizing treatment!
  • Can also be used as a pleura!
  • How to use: 
  • Take out the lip membrane and put it on the lip tightly. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then remove it.
  • (use better after bathing)
  • 水凝膜材质,超浸透、超服贴!一次性简单的唇部水嫩护理! 
  • 也可做为胸膜使用哦! 
  • 使用说明: 
  • 取出唇膜紧密服贴于唇上,静待5-10分钟后取下即可。 
  • (在沐浴后使用效果更佳)


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