Kawaii Japan

Cinnamonroll with Blue Ribbon hairband 三丽鸥 玉桂狗搭蓝色丝带的绑发绳子


Product features:

A must-have hair accessory for arranging hair and buns ☆ The Cinnamonroll attached to the ribbon sways happily as you move ★ It gives a gorgeous impression just by wearing it ♪

■ size
Ribbon size: about 8 x 7 x 1 cm

■ Main materials and raw materials
Ribbon: Satin, Mascot: Metal


整理头发和发髻的必备发饰☆ 系在发带上的玉桂狗随着你的移动而快乐地摇摆★ 戴上它就给人以华丽的印象♪

■ 尺寸
色带尺寸:大约 8 x 7 x 1 cm

■ 主要材料及原料


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