Clayge Deep Cleansing Moist & Smooth Massage Gel Wash 120ml 日本CLAYGE 按摩啫喱洗面奶


Warm massage wash. It is a dropping ingredient centered on two types of mineral clay. Which not only absorbs and removes darkening and dirt from pores, but also approaches urine to promote metabolism of the skin. At the same time, vinegar tightens the skin and smoothes the skin, leading to skin that is “smooth and transparent.

Non-foaming thermal massage gel is formulated to smoothen skin with the power of clay. It contains ceramide for skin hydration.

  • Pore care/Dirt-off/Tone-up 

How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount and apply to the entire face.
  • Apply a lot of gel on areas where pores are worrisome.
  • Wash it with a massage when it comes and round.
  • Rinse thoroughly so that there is no rinsing residue

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