CLAYPATHY Clear Peeling Gel 2way 300ML 温和保湿 透明去角质凝胶 乐天市场销量NO 1


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This is a peeling gel for the whole body containing 9 kinds of color clay rich in minerals from the Mediterranean. While fine-grained clay and natural scrub massages the skin, it also removes dead skin cells and dirty pores including melanin, which is a cause of dullness. It removes dark blemishes and blackheads. It clear the pores for better brighter skin and has a booster effect as well. It has 6 kinds of botanical herbs and 4 kinds of organic essences for moist and bright skin. 3 kinds of citrus fragrance of natural essential oils.

  • Illite Kaolin Bentonite
  • Sea silt charcoal powder
  • Mulberry chamomile
  • Elder Flower Rosehip
  • Nettle bilberry leaf
  • Deep sea water


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