CLAYPATHY Deep Cleansing Gel 2way 300ML 深层清洁卸妆啫喱 乐天市场 销量No1


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A cleansing gel with 9 types of Mediterranean color clay that are rich in minerals. Clay particles and Mannan scrubs blends swiftly with thick makeup and impurities in pores to remove them. 6 botanical herbs and 4 organic essence tightens pores while retaining moisture. Can be used with wet hands and there is no need to use a face wash afterwards. Citrus fragrance with 3 natural essential oils.

  • Illite Kaolin Bentonite
  • Moroccan Lava Clay
  • Mulberry chamomile
  • Elder Flower Rosehip
  • Nettle bilberry leaf
  • Alps glacier water


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