CLAYPATHY High Moisture Mild Peel Cleansing Milk 2way 300ML


This is a 2-way cleanser that can be used as makeup removing wipes & an all-in-1 skincare product, featuring a Skincare Milk formula that contains natural moisturizing ingredients. Having no friction that damages the skin, it can be used without stress, completing your skincare by simply wiping your skin. It blends in properly with heavy makeup as well as dirt, blackheads, keratin inside the pores and Melanin-contained dead skin cells that cause hyperpigmentation, wiping them off gently. It contains highly-moisturizing natural herbs and botanical oils, as well as minerals of white clay to promote hydrated, soft skin. Fermented rose honey exfoliate your skin gently. Triple rose & flower fragrance featuring 100% natural essential oils. Contains no alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, synthetic coloring, synthetic fragrance, or paraben.

[How to use] Take an appropriate amount on cotton, gently wipe it with makeup dirt. Change to a new cotton and repeat until no stains. Please apply for a few seconds to the hard-to-fall eye makeup. You can use it for your mouth.


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