Cle De Peau Beaute 肌肤之钥

CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ Intensive Fortifying Cream 肌肤之钥 光采赋活夜间修护霜 50g


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CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ Intensive Fortifying Cream 

A nighttime cream to moisture that nourishes overnight and boosts Skin Intelligence. Brightening, firming, helping to build resilience from within. Protects against daily skin damage caused by UV rays and a loss of hydration.

  • Based on decades of research, clé de peau BEAUTÉ unlocks the power of Skin Intelligence – skin’s innate ability to distinguish between good and bad stimuli, to achieve and maintain its ideal condition. Drawing from this knowledge and using state-of-the-art technology, our exclusive ingredient, Skin-Empowering Illuminator, was specially developed to enhance skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend itself, for the most radiantly youthful look.
  • Intensively nourishes skin with rich moisture throughout the night for optimally radiant, youthful-looking skin come morning.
  • Helps strengthen skin’s firmness and resilience from within, reducing visible wrinkles for a smooth, firm, supple look.
  • Alleviates loss of hydration and daily skin damage from dryness and UV rays.
  • With continued use, helps activate and maintain skin’s vitality, and empower its ability to evolve in radiance day by day.
  • Adopting cutting-edge science to regulate skin’s nighttime rhythms, this cream helps enhance skin’s ability to draw moisture from within to strengthen its regenerative powers.
  • Contains Ononis Spinosa Root extract and Abelmoschus Esculentus extract, which intensively target specific collagens and proteins that are critical to the skin
  • Utilizing breakthrough technology, this cream is formulated to help diminish the advancement of daily UV damage during the night.
  • Formulated with the intensive brightening ingredient, 4MSK (Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate), skin’s translucency is revived, bringing a vibrant luminosity to the face.
  • This rich, dewy texture, ideal for nighttime use, instantly absorbs into skin, pampering it through the night.
  • The subtle, elegant fragrance of rare orchid and natural rose surrounds you with its delicate scent.

How to Use

  • Apply to the face every evening, following the use of clé de peau BEAUTÉ Hydro-softening Lotion n or Hydro-clarifying Lotion n.
  • With the spatula, lift an appropriate amount of cream onto fingertip.
  • Smooth gently over skin.

肌肤之钥 光采赋活夜间修护霜

配合肌肤的日夜节奏,将独家Time Tune技术应用于日夜配方上,加强24小时护肤效果。夜间为肌肤修复日间累积的损害,注入源源不绝的滋养活力,从内而外强化肌肤弹性,缔造紧致美肌。

  • 凭借数十年的不懈科研,Clé de Peau Beauté全面释放肌肤智慧的潜能——肌肤与生俱来分辨好坏刺激的能力,协助肌肤达致及维持最佳状态。从这项发现获得灵感,配合尖端科技,我们的独家成分巩固智慧亮肌精华能提升肌肤自我修复和防御潜能,缔造极致亮泽的年轻美肌。
  • 整夜倾注丰盈润泽,深层滋养肌肤,缔造无比亮泽的年轻美肌。
  • 由内而外加强肌肤的紧致弹性,减少显著皱纹,缔造柔滑、紧致、弹嫩美肌。
  • 改善因缺水和紫外线造成的水分流失和日常肌肤伤害。
  • 持续使用,激活和维持肌肤活力,注入年轻能量,肌肤愈况钻光亮泽。
  • 沿用调节肌肤晚间节奏的先进科研,提升肌肤从内在自身提取水分的能力,从而加强肌肤的再生力量。
  • 蕴含红芒柄花根萃取和秋葵萃取,针对对肌肤非常重要的特定胶原蛋白和蛋白质发挥深层作用*。
  • 凭借突破性科技,此乳霜能在晚间帮助减轻日常紫外线对肌肤造成的破坏。
  • 深层亮白成分4MSK,重唤剔透亮肌,让脸庞展现活力耀眼的钻光亮泽。
  • 丰润水凝的质感,适合于晚间使用,瞬间渗透,彻夜呵护肌肤。
  • 淡雅的芳香糅合矜罕的兰花和天然玫瑰,将您包围于细致宜人的香气之中。
  • 经皮肤科专家测试。
  • 不引起粉刺配方。


  • 每天晚上于Clé de Peau Beauté 铂钻凝亮柔肤水或铂钻凝亮净肤水后使用。
  • 以随附的小匙取适量乳霜(约2颗珍珠大小*)于指尖。
  • 轻柔地抹匀全面。



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