Club Moisturizing Cream Floral Bouquet New 30g 素颜肌 持久补水隔离妆前乳


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Helps reduce the appearance of skin impurities including pigmentation, redness, and acne scars. Increases the skin's clarity and smoothness. Pores care and improves skin tone. Effective separation of irritants and pollutants. Contains hyaluronic acid & collagen. Smooth skin, covers pores without clogging. Lily scent.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Cover unevenness and pores with light cream texture to become bright skin tone. 
  • Face wash Free overnight cream 
  • Topical type
  • Good for removing scars 
  • Floral Bouquet Fragrance 

How to use: After completing the skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply to face for absorption.
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