CLUB Suppin Powder C (Pastel Rose Scent) 日本CLUB 出浴素颜蜜粉饼 (粉彩玫瑰香) 26g


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CLUB Suppin Powder C (Pastel Rose Scent)

A face powder tailored to the wishes of girls who want to be told that their skin is beautiful 24 hours a day.
The fine-grained powder covers problems such as uneven skin tone and pores, giving you ideal skin with just one coat!
Since it's a skin care powder, you don't need to wash your face and can sleep with it on.
Recommended for when you want to look beautiful without makeup, such as when traveling, staying overnight, at meetings, at home, or just for a while.

Color & skin type: Clear (moist type)/Pastel rose scent

  • Contains filter ingredients (coating agent). /The film effect protects your skin from cigarette smoke, dust, and particulate matter in the atmosphere.
  • A powder that feels more moisturized and gentler on the skin.
  • Makes your face look beautiful without makeup.Fine powder protects your skin. Covers problems such as uneven color and pores, and gives you ideal skin with just one application!
  • It's a skin care formula, so you can use it 24 hours a day. Use it as a face powder in the morning, and as skin care at night without washing your face (you don't even have to wash it off)* If you use makeup or sunscreen other than this product, please cleanse or wash your face.

Allergy tested (not all people will be allergic)
Country of origin: Japan

日本CLUB 出浴素颜蜜粉饼  (粉彩玫瑰香)





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