CNP A-Clean All Control Moisturizer CNP 控油爽肤系列-全效保湿乳液

  • This moisturizer contains linoleic acid that prevents clogging of pores and improves the elimination of sebum and oil.
  • The formula contains Phytosphingosine, Magnolia Bark, Green Tea, Tangerine and CNP's Anti-Irritant Complex which effectively relieves skin troubles and gently soothes without irritation.
  • Apply a moderate amount on face as part of basic skincare routine every morning and at night.
  • 油性皮肤最佳保湿产品,控制皮质分泌,调节水油平衡,无刺激的保湿乳液
  • 清除陈旧角质,增强肌肤肤色,调节紊乱的皮脂,提供充足水分

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