CNP Hydro Intensive Gentle Cleansing Foam/ CNP敏感肌肤专用低刺激洁面乳

  • This gentle foam cleanser removes dirt and bacteria without stripping skin of its natural pH level.

  • The moisturizing cleansing foam is formulated with Lavender Oil & Macadamia Oil to alleviate skin irriatation and gently deliver comfort to skin after cleansing.

  • The Multi-Ceramide complex hydrates and strengthens skin, leaving the complexion feeling clean and fresh.   

    CNP 敏感肌肤专用低刺激洁面乳~内含各种天然保湿成分可以最大的减少对肌肤的刺激并防止皮肤水分流失~还可以强化皮肤外壁使肌肤更加健康~在洁面的同时使肌肤更加水润~非常适合敏感缺水的肌肤使用~“cnp hydfo intensive 洗面奶”的图片搜索结果“CNP Hydro Intensive Gentle Cleansing Foam”的图片搜索结果“CNP Hydro Intensive Gentle Cleansing Foam”的图片搜索结果


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