CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster 100ml


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This hypoallergenic exfoliating booster offers daily exfoliating benefits with no need for further rinsing, leaving your skin feeling soft, dewy and transparently radiant. 

An exfoliating booster with a new concept that does not require cleansing at the finish. Without causing stimulation to the skin, the peeling booster removes unnecessary old dead skin cells effectively, making skin supple, and accomodates the effects of the next skin care products better. 

- Hydration strengthening 

- Hypoallergenic exfoliation that is mild to sensitive skin 

- A new concept of exfoliation where cleansing is not needed 


  • At the first stage of skin care, after washing the face (before using a toner), gently spread an appropriate amount of the product on the skin. 

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