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COCOCHI Cosme AG Ultimate Facial Balancing Mist 日本COCOCHI AG 舒缓均肤安肌喷雾 95ml


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COCOCHI Cosme AG Ultimate Facial Balancing Mist

Amulet mist that alleviates sensitive and dry skin problems with a single spray.

A fine mist gently envelops the skin and shifts to attractive skin. Two-layer structure of lotion and essence oil. Hide it in your office desk or bag and push it anytime, anywhere. Adjust the balance that tends to be disturbed.

  • AG Calm Little Blue Spray, one spray will calm your muscles
  • First aid soothing anti-sugar spray quickly soothes skin
  • At the same time, create a new type of soothing + anti-sugar spray repair thinking
  • Instant relief with just one spray, and rapid relief of discomfort in 30 minutes
  • A tool to remove redness after sun exposure
  • Select azure hydrocarbon containing chamomile extract
  • Calms and soothes to achieve a repairing effect, soothing unstable skin
  • Toyama hot spring water in Japan
  • Rich in trace elements and minerals to strengthen skin’s tolerance
  • Balance sebum and strengthen barrier
  • Adopt probiotic essence to adjust skin pH value
  • Maintain skin barrier function and enhance health
  • Anti-sugar exclusive patent
  • Myogenic revitalizing ORIMOS
  • Comprehensively repair skin fatigue, aging conditions, and regulate muscle energy
  • Strengthen tolerance and resistance to maintain healthy, bright, firm and elastic skin

How to Use

1. Shake the container well before use.
2. Hold about 15 cm away from your face and spray it all over.

*Made in Korea


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